Argentina - Senasa - Hold Inspection - New Goverment Regulation
Dear Sirs,
Kindly note, Government new regulation established for Holds / Tanks  inspections of ships / barges that will load agricultural products from Argentina. (RES. Nº 693-E/17)
This regulation will be in force as from November 1st 2017 and will stay valid during one year trial period.
Senasa inspection is no longer compulsory.
Senasa inspection will be carried out only as per request from the Country buying the agricultural products ex-Argentina.
If the Country importing Argentine agri-products do not request Senasa holds approval certificate then the parties are free to contract any of the private registered Survey companies performing holds inspections.
Furthermore and when Senasa inspection is requested by buying Country the regulation establish some criteria that Senasa inspectors must follow to inspect the cargo holds (or tanks)
Hold / Tanks could be objected or rejected by Senasa inspectors when at least one of the following items is detected during inspection:
- Insects, holds must be rejected if found alive insects
- Loose rust scales, holds must be rejected if found loose rust scales, the procedure to determine the existence of loose rust scales will be pressure with gloved hand but not using any other element or tool but the hand.
- Humidity over a significant area, it could be originated by condensation or washing waters or leaks.  In first two cases if the area affected is small and the there is a thin layer over the bulk heads or tank top the hold will be objected and crew will be instructed to dry off the area. In case of leaks the inspector will give a period of time to solve it, provided the crew can solved quickly.  Holds will be rejected when found water threads over bulk heads or puddles on the tank top.
- Structural damages that originate leaks, holds will be rejected until damage will be repaired and leaks stopped.
- Odors commercially objectionable, those that will contaminate or deteriorate the cargo, examples: fish flour, chemicals, sulfur, paint, bilge waters, in those cases the inspector will give a period of time for a proper ventilation, thereafter will close the hold for one hour and thereafter will re-inspect, in case odors still persist holds will be rejected.
- Fresh paint over significant area, must be determined by hand over the area affected, if detected hold will be rejected.
- Remains of previous cargoes that could contaminate the cargo, examples: iron ore, sulfur, coal, coke, alumina, bauxite, fertilizers, sugar, fish flour, seeds, remains of grain.
- Rodents deposit, holds will be rejected
Operative procedures:
When Senasa certificate is requested by buying Country Senasa inspection must proceed as per above criteria.
When Senasa certificate is not requested but Private Surveyors will inspect the holds / tanks :
Ship agent will request Inspection from any of the Private Survey companies registered and will inform Senasa the date / time / place when / where that inspection will be performed, this information must be reported to Senasa at least 24 hours before inspection.  ***
The Private Survey company must appoint Surveyors registered at Senasa
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*** need to clarify who will pay for this inspection, and who will decide / nominate the Private Acting Survey company, probably the buyer will nominate / pay and ship agent must request the service to the nominated Survey co and inform Senasa 

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